Shurtleff Vineyards
  • The grape clusters strongly resist  a downward pull.  But by pushing the stems up, or to the side, they  easily snap off (fig. a)
  Cutting the stems with small clippers is also common, but Concords are one of the easiest grapes to snap by hand. 
  Also, picking goes twice as fast with both hands.

  • Many customers ask how to measure a bushel.  "Bushel" is a volume measurement and two of the common 5 gallon plastic buckets will comfortably hold one bushel. (fig.b) The official net weight for a bushel of Concord Grapes is 40 lbs.

  • A bushel of grapes (40 lbs) should yeild about 16 quarts of juice. 

  • Make sure to bring your mosquito spray. 

  • Always check the bottom of  your shoes before getting back into your car...grape juice REALLY STAINS!

  • Did you know you can pick grapes that are frozen on the vine and make Ice Wine?

  • Many people believe that grapes must be harvested after the first frost, and while that doesn't hurt the grapes, you don't have to wait that long.  The sugar measurement is what to wait for. We measure the sugar count of our grapes and we know when they are ready. The website will tell you when they are ready. REMEMBER, the grapes are first come, first serve.  Don't delay or you may miss out.
  • Kelly Orchards is right down the road from us and they offer lots of U-pick fruit too.

Helpful Hints & FAQs
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By placing your thumb under the stem and pressing upward, it will easily and quickly snap.Two 5 gallon plastic buckets equal 1 bushel.
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Shurtleff Vineyards
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